Making their presence felt across Africa is just the start for AGS International Movers

Establishing a presence in every country of a continent is the kind of achievement most companies can only dream of, yet that is precisely what international removals firm, AGS International Movers have achieved in Africa.

Towards the end of last year, the firm established itself in the Seychelles, ensuring that they now operate in all 54 countries across the continent. This is a remarkable achievement for a company which only branched onto the continent in 1993, when it established its first branch in the Ivory Coast.

Their aim from that point onwards was to cover Africa in its entirety, and the latest move into the Seychelles represents a mission accomplished for the firm that was originally set up by the Taïeb family in 1974.

Since those first tentative steps into Africa 24 years ago, their growth has been rapid – they now have the biggest international removal network on the African continent and their success shows no signs of abating.

Furthermore, given the company’s expansion, and the improvement of infrastructure throughout Africa, AGS also anticipates creating some 5,800 new jobs on the continent. They already employ more than 2,800 people in Africa – more than half of their 4,324 employees worldwide.

Some 40 percent of their turnover also stems from the continent, with the aim of increasing that figure to 60 percent. Yet while they enjoy unparalleled coverage in Africa, their influence is far-reaching across the globe. AGS International Movers now operates in 92 countries, and work from 129 locations worldwide.

AGS-InternationalTheir growth in the UK in particular is becoming more pronounced, with furniture removal in London proving especially successful. The figures bear this out. AGS established themselves in the UK in 1991, and AGS 360 Solutions in London – a fully-owned subsidiary of the AGS Group – now deal with all of their UK work.

More than 2,000 enquiries for furniture removal in London pass through their hands every year as their operations on British shores and abroad continue to grow.

Every year worldwide, AGS International Movers shift roughly 70,000 families – a huge figure which reflects their growing global influence.

Many companies would be satisfied with realizing their target of establishing their presence across a continent. For AGS International Movers, that looks to be just the start of their ambitions.

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