Breath cancer : Hormonal Contraception responsible

Last scientific studies point the fact that there’s an important link between hormonal contraception consumption and breath cancer

Althou the medicinal industries as imporve his pilsl a lot, in order to make them safer, science points their risponsibility in breath cancer.

If you count every kind of women and every kind of pills, women who uses hormonal cobntaception have 20% higher risks to have a breath cancer, than the other one.

Must be enough too think a lot before using it…

According to the famous Nuffield Department of Population Health Professor, David Hunter, if the pill is more risky for breath cancer, it can help preventing from “substantial reductions in the risks of ovarian, endometrial and colorectal cancers in later life”.

“These data suggest that the search for an oral contraceptive that does not elevate the risk of breast cancer needs to continue. In the 1980s and 1990s, there was some optimism regarding the development of a formulation that would reduce a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but research into this possibility appears to have stalled”, adds the Scientific.

On the other hand, the emeritus professor of applied statistics at the Open University, Kevin McConway, declared :

“I’m not a medical doctor, but my assessment is that this new evidence doesn’t make an important change to what was previously known about hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer risk. It just brings it further up to date and adds some detail. Certainly I’d advise anyone who is concerned about risks to talk to their doctor before making any changes in their contraceptive use.”


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