Why did Trump lose?

Donald Trump’s lifelong nightmare of being a loser finally came to him undeniably last Saturday when he lost his re-election as president for the second time to rival Joe Biden.

Trump couldn’t even win with the help of a mysterious system called electoral college. Within hours of his defeat to Biden, the press reported that the president is unlikely to accept this reality soon and may never do so. Moments before Biden’s victory, Trump announced on Twitter, “I won this election by a big margin.”

In business, politics and even in his personal life, Trump has shown self-destructive behavior, his bigoted talk and his defiance of the basic standards that we expect most public figures to respect come at a cost that the president already understands. When interviewed about his autobiography in 2015, he said he couldn’t help himself even when he knew his notes could cause trouble.

Trump has actually failed to pin inappropriate qualities on his rival Joe Biden, and his faltering attempts to suggest that his opponent is somehow corrupt and has not lived up to the expectations. Polls showed that he was losing support among white women who helped him in 2016. His behavior undoubtedly prevented some from supporting him, but many women were also appalled by his failure to respond to the CORONA virus epidemic after Trump chose to argue with experts who advised strong action on social spacing and the use of masks. But Trump downplayed the threat as the number of cases and deaths increased.

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