What are the crises your company may face ?

If you had a small business or even a large company, your organization is expected to experience some crises, and you need to learn how to manage crises.
Even if you’re an individual who works within an organization, knowing how to manage crises is important to you within your organization.
Things don’t always go according to our whims, so life is often surprised by what we didn’t want or expected to happen, this is the “crisis”. 

How do you determine if there’s a crisis or not ?

To determine whether there is a real crisis of action or not, we must identify three basic features if there is a problem that we can say that we are facing a real crisis.
First, the problem must be an urgent threat to the Organization.
Secondly, the situation must contain the element of surprise or shock in the sense that it is unexpected and uncalculated for him by any account.
Third: Due to the seriousness of the situation and the unexpected nature of the problem, the company will be under pressure to make effective and rigorous decisions in a timely manner.
Knowledge of the elements that constitute the labour crisis is a key factor in identifying the problem before it is too late.

Types of crises that are happening to your company  :

Sometimes we can’t avoid crises, so having a team within the company that only cares about crisis management is a very effective way. Here are the types of crises you can face in your company : financial crisis, staff crisis, regulatory crisis, technological crisis, natural crisis.


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