Do celebrities create ad success or destroy it?

Advertisers and advertising agencies may be willing to pay large sums of money to celebrities to display their products in order to influence the consumer’s attitude and behavior towards the products they advertise at a faster speed than using regular advertising, and of course this attitude is justified. Research has shown that the products that the big stars used in advertising were more expensive in the market.

Research has also demonstrated that consumer attitude about product quality reinforces and supports when celebrities display the product. However, we should not assume the permanent influence of celebrities in relation to all products and situations as it is clear that the celebrity presentation of products is effective when the consumer’s motivation to argue about the message that the advertisement communicates to him is weak, as the celebrities and the external climate work side by side.

Culture has a major role in the acceptance of advertising in general and the declaration of celebrities in particular. The degree of education also affects the acceptance of Najm alone, and thus the higher the education rate, the more controversy will be over the declaration and discussion of its dimensions. The lower the level of education, the more the advertising message will be repeated and influenced without awareness.

We must always realize that the use of celebrities does not necessarily precede success as the behavior of the buyer is characterized by a complex and dynamic behavior and varies from one situation to another. Consequently, it is difficult to come up with a straightforward explanation of how the elements of communication work in every situation and across every type of consumer. Also, ads in and of themselves have varied creative configurations that differ in several faces and have tens of dimensions of effective content within them, and the problem is not just the use of humor, formal attractiveness and fear

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