French company creates dishwasher-washable

Today, it seems very difficult to get new masks every day for many reasons, money and time. So, does washing and sterilizing them do the trick and make them usable again?  To respond to this question, France Bleu reported that he masks developed by Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, a company based in the Eure, are even 100% recyclable.

Pierre-Jean Leduc, the president of the company of Saint-Aubin-Sur-Gaillon specialized in  the aerospace and automotive sectors, saw its production fall at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic (factories almost shut down). “We took advantage of this non-voluntary shutdown of our activities to ask: what else can we do”, he declared.

The company began by producing visors for hospitals in Paris and Normandy, and then continued to reinvent itself. Pierre-Jean-Leduc said that  there were no masks and it there was a war, the type of mask that existed was blue, surgical and duck and they were disposable masks. “You just have to change the filter, either you wash it or you throw it away,” says the entrepreneur. He added: “You can pollute more than three hundred times less than a disposable mask.” The company invented revolutionary masks. “You just have to change the filter, either you wash it or you throw it away,”.

The mask is quite easily cleaned. You put it in your dishwasher program 60, or you sterilize it directly in boiling water. Filters are reusable ten times, and can be cleaned in the same way, or in the oven. The price, too, is surprising: Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group sells its masks from 24 euros.

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