Some ways to search for information efficiently

Although modern technology has invaded our world, and every young and old has become aware of how to use it, many people still ask silly questions that they may be able to easily get an answer to them in search engines such as Google, thus avoiding placing themselves in very critical and bad situations. So, here is some advices.

The explicite phrase :

If you are searching on Google for marketing content, and you want a very accurate answer, simply place the search phrase in quotation marks instead of just typing “marketing” in the Google search box.

Use Tabs

It is very important to know the use of tabs in Google searches, as on top of each search there are a number of “Web, Image, News, and more” tabs that can help you determine the type of search that you should do.

Use similar sites :

If you want to search for sites similar to your favorite site, you can simply add (related 🙂 before the site name to show you a list of similar sites in content.

Use only important words

The way Google search works is to take what you are looking for and match that with the keywords in the online content. When searching for too many words, you may limit the results, and this means that you may take longer to find what you are looking for, and therefore it is appropriate to use the important words. Only when searching for something.

Spell check is not important

Do not worry if you want to search for a word and you can not write it correctly, Google search has become much smarter these days, so you do not need to specify the words correctly as long as they are very close, as Google can usually know what you mean


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