Coronavirus : the World is preparing to return to normal life

Calls have increased for the imposition of general isolation measures in India, as Coronavirus infections and deaths continued to be recorded.

The countries of Europe, continue to ease restrictions related to Corona and they are gradually returning to “normal life”. In the same time, India is still suffering from a high wave of injuries.

In Spain several cities in the country went out to celebrate the deconfinement. In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to confirm, easing the restrictions associated to the epidemic, based on the improvement of the health situation, according to his media office on Sunday.

In Germany, more than 7 million people have received the vaccine, benefiting from the easing of strict health restrictions. This order will allow them to assemble and enter any store without presenting a negative examination, as is the case at present for all citizens, with the exception of stores that are considered “essential” such as food stores and pharmacies.

In several cities in the region of Bavaria in southern Germany, bars and restaurants are now open. Likewise, in Milan, northern Italy, the famous “La Scala” theater reopens its doors to the public today, on Monday. The Mediterranean island of Cyprus reopens its borders Monday to vaccinated tourists from 65 countries.

As for India, the situation is still bad. The Ministry of Health recorded more than 366,000 new cases, along with 3,754 deaths, down from the record levels recorded in recent days, bringing the total number of infections to more than 22 million and deaths to more than 246,000.

At a time when many hospitals are facing a severe shortage of beds and oxygen, and while morgues and crematoria are crowded with the dead bodies, experts believe that the real numbers of victims are much greater than what is being recorded.

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